The Audience Manifesto provides everyone who sits through mind-numbing, slide-driven presentations with a simple tool by which to politely say: “There is life after PowerPoint. And we’d like to live it!”

It’s based on the book’s five steps, but stated from the audience’s perspective. It’s a free download that can be sent in advance to presenters and/or posted wherever presentations are delivered.

Of course, you can simply send presenters to this page—either before or after their presentation. It's extremely difficult to argue with the following five points from an audience's perspective.

After all, what audience wouldn't want its needs put first?

There is life after PowerPoint. And we'd like to live it!
Sound familiar?

Please put our needs first

We know you have knowledge and insights to share. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be here. However, please tailor your knowledge to our specific needs, so we can both gain from our time together.

Please structure a conversation

We prefer a conversation, not a presentation. We appreciate ideas being put into context; we have no desire to participate in a “data dump.”

Please minimize visual aids

Every visual you use must add value. And don’t be afraid to use a variety of tools—whiteboards, appropriate props, YouTube videos, or a piece of paper, if necessary. If you sent a handout in advance, please assume that we’ve read it. We have no desire to walk through it again.

Please facilitate an exchange

We are looking forward to a two-way exchange, in which ideas are shared, not transmitted. We have no desire to sit passively while you go through all of your ideas before participating. We want to be engaged with you, not your slides.

Please answer questions throughout

Allow us to put your information into context by asking questions throughout your presentation. But please keep your answers as brief as possible, so we can ask more questions during our time together.