For more than 20 years, Eric Bergman’s presentation skills training program, Present With Ease, has helped countless professionals from five continents improve their ability to communicate effectively—from C-Suite executives to front-line supervisors and everything in between.

As a presentation skills training program, Present With Ease is fun and interactive. It can be delivered in a variety of formats—from half-day seminars and one- and two-day workshops. All achieve excellent results.

For shorter presentations (a half-day or less), group size is unimportant. For longer formats—one-day workshops and two-day workshops—it’s best to limit group sizes to provide participants with opportunities to develop and deliver their own presentations, be video recorded, and receive feedback to help them improve.

During all sessions, participants:

  • Learn to reduce the time needed to develop compelling content.
  • Gain insight into using visuals effectively by separating the written word from the spoken word.
  • Understand how to answer questions well.
  • Refine the ability to communicate in a variety of situations—from group presentations to one-on-one.
Interested? Contact Eric to set up a program that’s right for you or your organization.